Hound Mini Candle

Hound Mini Candle

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[101 200637] What's this mean?

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Lemon Balm, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood

With extracts of citrusy lemon balm, crisp eucalyptus and warm cedarwood, this unique fragrance has carefully been created to neutralise and eliminate unwanted pet odours, leaving your home smelling fresh.

Camphorous, Citrus, Warm

Ingredients: 100% natural soy wax, premium grade phthalate free fragrance oils, essential oils, cotton/linen mix waxed cotton wick.

Handmade in Malvern, UK

[101 200637]

Category 1 Wax Product

Product 01 Mini Candle

Primary Note 20 Lemon Balm

Secondary Note 06 Eucalyptus

Tertiary Note 37 Cedarwood

Each of our products have a unique code. Nine numbers divided into two sets are assigned to each product. Each set of numbers corresponds to a different meaning, breaking down the product into it's elements. It refers to product category, type and the main scent notes.

  • Allow the wax to melt to the edges of the jar each burn to prevent pooling

  • Only burn your candle for 4 hours at a time

  • Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch before each lighting

  • Keep your candle free of any foreign materials, including matches and wick trimmings

  • Only burn your candle on a level, fire resistant surface

  • Stop burning your candle when only 1/4 inch of wax remains

Safety: To prevent fire and serious injury, burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn candle on or near anything that can catch fire.

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Fragrance notes

Lemon Balm

Fresh, sweet with an intense lemony aroma


Fresh, medicinal, woody and earthy


Woody, sharp and slightly sweet

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