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  • Sugi

    Embark on a sensory journey to a Kyoto shrine, where the air is filled with the woody aroma of ancient Japanese cedar trees.

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  • Lingonberry

    Indulge in the tantalising aroma of Stockholm's lingonberry-infused cuisine, a fragrance that embodies the allure of Swedish culture.

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Natural and sustainable home fragrance handmade in the Malvern Hills. Inspired by locations across the world.

With everything that we do, we always put the environment first

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Refillable Jars

  • One Order One Tree

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Handmade in Malvern

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  • Founded in 2019 by husband and wife Ollie & Sophie, Russell & White was launched with an idea of creating unique home fragrances and lifestyle products with minimal impact on the environment.

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