For every order placed, we'll plant a tree. Simple.

Here at Russell and White our ethos is simple. To always be sustainable and to only use recyclable & natural resources.

We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature and that’s why we’re thrilled to share that we’re partnering with ‘One Tree Planted’ to plant a tree somewhere across the world with every single order placed through our website.

Founded in 2014, One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Their projects take place all over the world with help from partnerships and local communities.

Their work helps to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity.

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. They also provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.