Russell & White is a home and lifestyle brand founded in 2019 by husband and wife, Ollie and Sophie.

After becoming homeowners in 2016, we found it difficult to find home & lifestyle products on the market that ticked all our boxes. After constantly searching for products that were affordable and eco friendly without compromising quality, we set out to launch a brand of our own that would define us as a couple.

Our inspiration

Being passionate about travelling, we’ve spent the last decade visiting many places across the world and have developed a huge interest in our planet.

From quaint villages in the UK to wild deserts and rustic terrains in America, we’ve explored some beautiful places which became an inspiration for our home fragrances & lifestyle products that we make today.

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Our mission

We launched Russell & White in 2019 after many experiments with blending oils, combining perfectly suited notes and testing with natural ingredients. We’ve since created a series of fragrances and products that are all inspired by the natural world, communicating a place, feeling, memory or moment in time whilst being committed to making positive changes to our environment.

Our products

Our candles are produced from 100% natural soy wax, unbleached fibre waxed cotton wicks and premium grade phthalate-free fragrance, whilst our organic hand washes and lotions contain aloe vera, sunflower & coconut oil and shea butter, suitable for all skin times. All products are lovingly handmade from our workshop in the Malvern Hills.

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