Gratitude candle

Gratitude candle

“Every night before my children’s bedtime, I burn ‘purple fields’ in their room as lavender & camomile are a perfect combination for creating a relaxing atmosphere. 30 minutes before bed, whilst supervised I let them blow it out and we share what we’re grateful for. I absolutely adore this candle”.

After receiving the above mindfulness exercise from a customer earlier this month, it made me reflect on mental health.

Our mental health is so important, even more so than ever in the current situation! Personally, after suffering from anxiety, I’ve tried so many techniques to improve this. The best technique for me would be writing a gratitude diary and that’s why I just LOVE the idea of a ‘gratitude candle’.

Focusing on what we are grateful for is a great way to manage stress, anxiety and to gain a greater sense of calm and feeling content. It also encourages us to discover a new perspective of what’s important and what we truly appreciate in life.

Introducing candles into this process is a brilliant idea as the oils used within our blends all have their own individual properties which our mental and physical health can benefit from.

So many people struggle with their mental health and by sharing this, I hope that some of you will introduce the ‘gratitude candle’ into your lives and adapt it to your own family environment or pass it on to others, to feel more peaceful and connected, and for all aged children to remain happy and positive too.

All our R&W candles include natural ingredients, non toxic fragrances and are safe for all members of the family, making our candles perfect to burn for this activity!  

I hope you feel inspired by the candle of gratitude and I look forward to seeing your posts, pictures and messages on social media. 

Love Sophie 

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